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The task of meeting a Thai woman and having a successful relationship with her is – you do not need to mess around with that – a very demanding task. Some men even talk about an almost unmanageable task, when it comes to addressing a Thai woman, let alone flirting with her or being with her. There may even be men, who would rather go to war,  than speak to a Thai woman.

As demanding as the “task woman” seems to be: it is certainly not the right way to stick your head in the sand in the beginning and surrender, even though you have not tried anything at all. Anyone, who is man enough and is not afraid to take the eggs in the hand, will soon realize that it is not an impossibility to meet a Thai women and to spend nice, shared hours with them.

Many single men are already failing to properly address a woman, because they are simply too shy or too scared of an embarrassing situation or a basket. However, fear and awe are not the best advice, when it comes to getting to know women. Who trembles when addressing a Thai woman and brings out not a single straight English sentence, will probably have little chance to talk to a woman for more than 30 seconds.

Those who want to get to know women should, above all, be confident, since most women are not on washcloths, which make themselves flirting with fear right in the pants. Thai women generally refer to men with personality, humor and self-esteem. Men with whom one can talk and laugh and who have the ability to give a woman the feeling of security.

Thai women – your best choice

How does mail order brides become such a womanizer, who can meet women almost without any problems due to his charisma and charisma? That’s the crucial question. But to answer this question at all, one should first turn to another question: what should we know about women so as not to approach a woman like a cattle?

Are women only on assholes? Many men are of the opinion, that most women only stand on “assholes” or men with a big budget. That’s basically complete nonsense. Women are generally focused on self-confident, courageous and assertive men, but not on “assholes” or rich men in particular. Many “assholes” or big-walled men may be self-confident, courageous and assertive. However, this fact does not lead to the conclusion that women are only on “assholes” or just men on a budget.

Why choose a Thai woman?

Do Thai women always want to be treated equally? Of course,  we live in times of emancipation. But do Thai women always want to be treated equally? Anyone, who thinks that is the case is wrong. Because in every Thai woman there is still a little princess, who wants to be protected and loved by a brave knight. Moreover, many Thai women act very instinctively, and a woman’s instincts have never heard of emancipation or equality.

That’s why many women expect the man to pay on the first date. Similarly, many women expect the man to seek closeness and physical contact on subsequent dates. Who does not, is considered “not really interested” or even as gay. Another thing you should not forget is: stay open and be polite! An old-school gentleman is still very popular with Thai women.

Why do Thai women choose to date foreigners?

Are attractive Thai women arrogant and vain?

Another cliché that should be eliminated is that attractive women are basically arrogant, vain and mean. Many beautiful Thai women only work this way, because most of the men, who approach them are anxious and nervous.

Especially, when addressing beautiful Thai  women, it is particularly important to show no fear or nervousness. Otherwise, the addressed beauty immediately asks: “What does the guy want from me? Why does he talk to me so funny from the side, is it just me? “. The accompanying dismissive behavior then leads many men to claim that attractive Thai women are basically arrogant, vain and mean.

Due Thai women know that it is difficult to address them? Whether women know that it is difficult to address them? Most Thai women assume, that talking to them is normal, and therefore they do not know how difficult many men are. There are still few women, who make the first move and appeal to men (due to the instincts and subconscious of a Thai woman).

For most Thai women, the rule is: the man takes the first step and you’re done! So, who has not had the necessary ass in the pants to address a woman, should finally take a heart and put all his courage together.

Who thinks, a no that comes from a Thai woman is basically an actual no, is also on the wrong track. Especially in discotheques, clubs or bars many women have a protective mechanism that makes them seem aloof. What matters is not that a Thai woman says no, but how she says no. Even in everyday situations,Thai women often say no, even though they do not mean it.

Which man has never experienced that he wanted to help a woman, for example, when carrying a heavy object and she said: “No, thanks! It’s alright. “? Many Thai women think of their answer: “Why didn’t I help myself now?”. A true gentleman remains persistent in such situations, uses his charm and asks a repeated time or tackles the same bravely and helps.

Are women less likely to have sex than men? Another fairy tale about women is that women are less interested in sex and therefore less likely to have sex than men. However, unlike men, women need mental stimulation to get going. While for most men, sex is just sex, sex has a completely different meaning for women.

Most Thai women understand sex as closeness, attachment, desire, and desire. If a woman realizes that a man who speaks to her is only interested in the one thing, she will normally not open to him. Which woman would like to be considered a “Bitch” or “Mattress”?

Does a woman value a man doing everything for her? An almost catastrophic mistake a man can make on a Thai woman is to crawl into her ass and signal her, that he would do anything for her. Women stand for self-confident men who, although they can actively listen and be very attentive, have their own opinions and represent them. Few women can be a submissive man as a partner. If a Thai woman realizes, that her male counterpart is showing submissive behavior, she quickly loses her sexual interest in him.

How do Thai women tick and what do Thai women want? What do you value most about a man? Most Thai women want that

  • a man is self-confident, courageous, assertive and purposeful.
  • a man at certain moments shows that he is a man.
  • a man does not treat a woman with equal rights without exception.
  • a man is not nervous or anxious when addressing a woman.
  • a man is confident, humorous and charismatic when addressing a woman.
  • a man is respectful, sincere and helpful.
  • a man is attentive and can actively listen.
  • a man does not show submissive behavior.

How do I dress well with Thai women? What should I pay attention to to arouse the interest of a woman? What do Thai women like most about men? If you want to impress or attract women, you should first and foremost deal with questions of this kind. Because knowing what women like most about men (and what they do not like about them at all) is an extremely important prerequisite for having more success in women.

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